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Walk fast the peak up, run fast the peak around, sprint the peak down and go home walking. Freezing morning trail this morning.

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Releasing stress. Lets dance, lets sing... Lets rock hong kong once more

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Looking for someone to lend me a video camera for one week to shoot a video reportage of one of the growing street artist in Europe Mr Chat who would spend a week in Hong Kong. Projects are growing with several public multi-sites events happening and a big interactive performance at the exhibition opening on March 20th. Can't say too much for now. In exchange we can get you free tickets for art basel and a private meeting with the artist. If you are interested to help or know someone that would be, please let me know. :) Thank you soooo much for your eventual hel...Read more

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When projects are taking a huge dimension...

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Can t start the week better. Had lot of fun at my first muay thai class, did 1 more hour cardio and abdominals. I m 1.5kg away from my target. Ok, gonna be the more difficult ones but... All on track. Mission "be in shape" in 6 weeks is doing great. Can t be more smiley, bubbly and happy. Ready for an exciting week and so happy to scream it to the world. Now, lets focus on art and marketing ! Youpi

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Nice hike / run at 7am...

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Starting the year of the monkey with boxing class... Kong hei fat choi !

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oh wow !

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We finally received at the gallery the first pieces in Asia of the amazing cuban artist Abelardo Hernandez. Got very moved by these 2 3D Collages made with very rare papers and stunning perspectives. You can check it out on our website and in the gallery by this week:

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2015 gave me lots of beautiful moments and the greatest gift of the past 10 years... 2016 will be even bigger... no doubts.

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French street artist living in Hong Kong works exclusively on murals for companies such as restaurants, bars, offices. Get your own pice of Art straight on your wall !

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