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Happy about my xmas walk this morning. I think every xmas i wish i had kiss to share dreams with. Specially this year with "the little price " coming soon. Red that book thousands of times. It s no better story ! And to end up my treat yourself day... Tea time at Joel Robuchon salon de the to celebrate 3 beautiful months

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In case you forget your xmas spirit...

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First sunday by myself... Wow, wanna do so much things ! Let s kick the day !

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Enjoyed the event so much tonight. Thanks michael, Tao Stein and claude diallo situation for this great out of the box experience. Great art, great digital art, great music... Feels great. Also thanks to Melanie helping on the drinks and sounds off a cool provider for silent concert.

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Long long day but excited about tomorrow. Just wish i could have my loved ones here and specially mr Huge... but i ll share as much as i can . For the other ones, pass by from 5 pm to 8pm at the art supermarket and check it out by yourself ! Gonna be a lot of fun...

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Sound test was waow! It s gonna be great !

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When your beloved are far but you know whatever you do they are here with you somehow and feels really good . Look forward for xmas holidays, barcelona, new year and london. Running an exciting month full of novelty and changes but can t wait. Count down is on ! Think of you all the time (my family, my friends and my love).

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From empty to really cool... Exhausted and ready for huge good sleep !

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Tuesday morning... packing flat after 24h from unpacking. From today, uninstall current setting, 9 artworks (20 pieces each in average) to hang one by one, drum to mount, sound test with head phones and silent concert material, press... wow... week seems sporty. See you on 5th at 5 pm at the Art Supermarket ! It's gonna be a great great event. Can't wait !

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Hi, hi. I m leaving my flat in 3 weeks and start giving away stuff... So if you need anything let me know: Includes: more or less every small appliance in the kitchen, plates, glasses, pots, pan... Ikea shelfs, guitare, coussins, beding, small wooden table, empty frames, painting sprays, mini vaccum cleaner and probably all the things i forget...

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