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Opportunities abound

Of late, I've been having doubts about what's possible in this industry in Singapore, at least for myself. I spoke with several directors on projects that are coming up and perhaps potential collaborations.

I mentioned that most directors are comfortable with working with the same bunch of actors, understandably because both parties are comfortable with their own working styles. Encouragingly, one of the directors who have recently directed a horror movie (Coming out to cinemas soon), mentioned that they are always looking out for new talents, which is of course pleasant to the ears.

How much of that is encouragement and how much is that is truth, I'd never know since I will only have to find that out for myself.

So I've been busy with some commercials and one just wrapped last Friday. Hopefully I'll be able to put up a website here to show what a great job the photographer/agency did!

Meanwhile, here's a rather (self)amusing shot I took from the props of the most recent indie film I did. (The vest is supposedly a bullet proof vest with the words "POLICE")

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heheheh nice!
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