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沒錯!我們家裡的人很愛在浴室裡”玩”(一根⋯你知道我在說你!不要裝了) 所以,感謝凱撒衛浴提供我們品質好,又有設計感更兼具環保的產品。 Yup. As you may know, my family members LOVE to spend time in the bathroom (ahem... You know who you are ). So, thank you Caesar for providing us with the best quality, stylish and environmentally friendly products. 在”凱撒衛浴瓷藝中心”裡,你可以來這邊感受不同的氛圍,自在挑選喜歡的風格,設計出專屬自己的衛浴空間。也可以體驗看看他們最新的馬桶瞬淨技術Aqua Jet 4.0(但千萬不要帶著衛生紙過來喔!要不然”你知道是誰”會來這邊開起小派對!) In their new design center, you can come and get inspiration for your own bathroom space and yes, even flush their new Aqua jet toilets. (Just make sure there isn't any toilet paper around or you-know-who is going to have a little party!)

凱撒衛浴 #Caesar

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