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Is it me you're Liu Kang for? #mortalkombat #kortalwombat #Kristmas #Kristmality

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Apparently someone tried to mess with my bus... (p.s. the driver is fine)

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It wasn't his favourite channel but the newspaper was covered in shit again. #pigeons

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Good times!

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Husband and Wife romantic Xmas photo shoot ruined by jealous best friend #HesMyWifeNow #GallieWars

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Portrait of @lifesabento on beer tank #accurate

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So I did a campaign for Lotto and they sent me the mock-ups for the bus advertising.... I don't know how serious they are #lotto #EveryoneIWorkForIsNuts #turntheothercheek #welovethebus #fitness? #love #christmas #model #hkig #FASHION #fanart #lottosporthk

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Hahaha eGG optical... you crazy

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eGGman is back! #eggoptical

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Love is in the air at Coastal Fitness this Christmas


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