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AZIATIX after 1 week! Thank you for all the support!!!

One week after the release of our teaser and only 3 days after the
song "GO" released on iTunes we've already received so much support it has been absolutely unbelievable.  In one week our Youtube view
traffic has exceed 100,000 and is still growing!  Also, on the first day of the release, the song "GO" reached #38 position on the US iTunes
R&B/SOUL chart...which is unheard of with a completely new
artist...Mind you, as of now, most of the promotion has been by word of mouth.  20 years being in this business I've never experienced
something like this...where a new group got such a huge response right off the bat.  We've received fan mails from all parts of the
world...United States, France, Germany, Romania, Korea, Japan, China,
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, etc...the list goes on!  I
hope you guys will continue to cheer the boys on.  And once again, I
want to thank all of you for all your support!!!God Bless!!!Jae

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W71ci-SvVGM

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노래 정말 최고에요..., 대박!! ^^ (다음곡도 언능 듣고 싶어요...^^)
almost 12 years ago


Welcome to my page. Thanks for all the support! Check out my blogs. I will be updating it frequently...Much luv! "Go where you are celebrated...not w

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