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Weekend hiking

Last Sunday, I joined Stephen, Janelle, Dax, and other friends for an afternoon hike. We hiked the Dragon Back trail for an hour and a half, which included hiking up and down a series of hills (hence the name Dragon Back) along the coast. The views from the top of the hills were gorgeous, and the weather was perfect for hiking, sunny but not too hot.

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three years

My husband and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary last Tuesday during our trip on the Silk Road. (wow, three yrs already?)

On our anniversary day, we got to visit the ancient Jiayuguan Fort (that's where the above pic was taken of us), we went camel-riding and sand-sledding in the sand dunes of Mingsha Shan in Dunhuang, and then had a delicious anniversary dinner with 8 of our friends...Read more

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High school prom: Turning back time


A few of my friends and I thought it would be fun to throw ourselves a formal, black-tie dinner and dance party with the theme of a high school prom... more than a decade after the real thing (and with all of us there in our 20's-30's). =D

So several months ago, we invited 60 friends and rented out a ballroom with dinner and open bar, hired a DJ to play 80's-90's Read more

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photo shoot

yesterday my friend Ed, who's a photographer, was doing a full-day photo shoot at the club M1NT and i was there to assist him. i was excited to see all the behind-the-scenes of it, and even though it was a long day, i thought it was a good experience.

i've never been inside M1NT before, so i found it smaller than i expected, but i was impressed by some of the interiors and furniture designs. it was bold and colorful, and there were some really awesome pieces of furniture there. the coolest thing was probably the wall-length SHARK ...Read more

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