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High school prom: Turning back time


A few of my friends and I thought it would be fun to throw ourselves a formal, black-tie dinner and dance party with the theme of a high school prom... more than a decade after the real thing (and with all of us there in our 20's-30's). =D

So several months ago, we invited 60 friends and rented out a ballroom with dinner and open bar, hired a DJ to play 80's-90's songs, set up a photo booth with a cheezy backdrop and a hired photographer, and even had a Prom King and Queen! We named each table after classic 80's-90's movies, such as "Top Gun", "Pretty Woman", and "The Breakfast Club". We danced to Wham!, Erasure, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Depeche Mode. Personally, I wanted to hear old skool Hip Hop and R&B like Bobby Brown, Salt N'Pepa, Bell Biv Divoe, LL Cool J, and Mary J Blige. (Y'all remember them?) =( Didn't hear the DJ play any New Kids on the Block songs either. (Yeah, I admit I used to be a NKOTB fan! I ain't ashamed... ok, not really.) It was fun tho! Here's the cheezy couple picture of me and hubby. =)

The cool thing was that many of our friends here in HK didn't attend high school in the U.S. or Canada and never had the chance to experience prom, so it was their very first prom! For the rest of us who went to our proms but had bad memories, it was our second chance at re-living a better prom experience...

And for the record, my prom experiences were BAD! My junior prom, I didn't have a date so I went stag with a girl friend from another school. How sad.. For my senior ball, my first boyfriend had broken up with me one month before prom and I was so crushed I almost didn't go. I didn't have a date, so my friend found someone last minute to take me, but I was so sad and in a bad mood that I had a horrible time. 

Oh, and might I add that at this year's prom, we were definitely looking much nicer now than we did in our hideous 80's-90's prom dresses and high, teased permed hairs. =D

How were your high school prom experiences? :)

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