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"go shortee, it's your birthday..." :D

To celebrate my husband's birthday this past week, we went out for dinner and drinks with friends on Friday. We had a delicious dinner at a French private kitchen, where we were served a 6-course meal in an intimate, apartment-setting. (For those who aren't familiar, a "private kitchen" is a small restaurant set in an apartment or commercial tower where they serve quality food while giving a sense of being at home. No bigger than the size of an apartment, they generally can seat only a few tables. They have the feeling of a hideaway restaurant, and they're normally advertised by word-of-mouth. It's an increasingly popular restaurant trend in Hong Kong.)

Me and the birthday boy :)

After dinner, we met up with friends at a club, where we partied til the wee hours of the night. Stephen, Patrick, Shan, and a few of their friends including Wu Di, came out to join us. Here are a few pictures with them...

With Patrick lookin' all dapper in his suit. :)

With Shan... I was tipee-toeing with heels on while she was crouched down a bit, and I'm stillshorter than her! =D

Stephen and his new "stylin'-collar" look.. =D

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remember our conversation at the "****" Cafe? I certainly followed the "rules" with the pictures above HAHAHA ;p
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