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Hong Kong’s Bombing KING - The Plumber

One of my favorites of all time : the plumber king.

I grew up seeing his stuff every where. I mean EVERY WHERE !

Every district, every street and every corner.

Even tho he’s not really a graffiti writer, he still has that “Get up”

mentality that every writer should have so mad respect for him.

Check out his recent interview with CNN after the jump.

CNNGo: How long have you been a plumber? Kui Wong: I’ve been doing this for half a century.

I snuck across the border from China when I was young.

There used to be a lot of factories that needed plumbing work done.


CNNGo:** Why did you start painting advertisements everywhere? Wong: In the beginning I posted my advertisements in newspaper classifieds.

Then I thought, what can I do to make more of an impact? So I made stickers.

That was really common in the past. I used to put them inside lifts,

but people don’t appreciate that anymore.

That’s when I realized I could paint on the walls in different parts of town.

CNNGo: When was that? Wong: Oh, it was ages ago. I’ve been painting for a very long time.


CNNGo:** Your ads are in all sorts of unusual places.

How do you decide where to paint them? Wong: I drive a motorcycle all over the place.

If I see somewhere interesting, I can just pull over and paint there.


CNNGo:** Do you know who the King of Kowloon is? Wong: (Laughs) I used to see the King of Kowloon walking around

with his bucket of paint. But he’s dead now. A lot of radio advertising

people have asked me if I want to advertise on the radio, but I rejected

their offer because I don’t want to put myself out there too much.

My line of work is not very desirable. I just want to earn enough to

be comfortable. I don’t want to be famous.

Original link: HERE

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