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FB every day

By searching info of the below hip hop concert, I have found this

interesting MV by one of the featured artists from the show, Young Souljaz (楊素真),

together with 頑童E so & 渡邊. I quite like the way how they present

the scenes and lyrics via facebook.

The content of their song somehow reminds me - “Smoke Weed Every Day”- the last line

of The Next Episode from Dr.Dre ft. Snoop Dogg.

I reckon facebook is one kind of drugs if the users spend 24/7 on it plus

it affects their normal life or work so much, it’s really bad though. Seriously, one of

my ex-colleagues who is from Guangzhou told me there are refrain internet houses (戒网所)

in China giving special treatments to scare the kids away from accessing internet

or playing online game. What kind of treatments? Hmm…you dare not to try.

A softer way to recover, kids are also sent to Shaolin Monastery for the same purpose.

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