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" The Blood Bond " is finished shooting 电影杀青了!

Shooting  " The Blood Bond " in Nanhai.  It was quite an experience, and I met so many great people.

经过近两个月在南海的拍摄," The Blood Bond  " 终于完成了,这是一段很有趣的经历并且认识很多新朋友。

Some of the different characters that I played in the movie:


Father of the two boys.  这两个孩子的父亲。

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新电影 New film “Blood Bond”

大家好,好久没有写东西了。最近我正在广东佛山市南海的片场拍摄一部英语动作电影《Blood Bond》。导演兼主演是好莱坞著名影星迈克尔.比恩,香港著名影星任达华也将加入。动作指导是武打明星樊少皇。制片人是我的好朋友香港动作电影专家Bey.Logan,非常感谢他邀请我参与这部电影的拍摄!

I am currently working for an English film called " Blood Bond" at Nanhai ACE Studio in Foshan City.  The director and leading actor is Hollywood movie star Michael Biehn.  Also starring in the movie is the famous Hong Kong actor Simon Yam.  Louis Fan is the action director. The producer is my friend, Hong Kong action movie expert Bey Logan. Special thanks to Bey for inviti...Read more

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Teaching in Indonesia

I went to Indonesia to teach for two weeks in May.  It was a great opporunity to meet Gogi Nebulana of AnD, his brother Gora, and Mr. Alex. Thanks to everyone who invited me.   

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Welcome to my newly created profile! I hope you come back and check frequently. I'll be posting some fresh and interesting things to share with you. Feel free to bookmark this profile and recommend it to your friends. Let's all share together!

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There is an old Shaolin edict that reads: Run before you fight Fight before you injure Injure before you maim Maim before you kill

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