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Herbert Chik
Dubbing Artist , Composer , Comedian , Photographer , Food Critic
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About Herbert Chik

"I sing, dance, fight, act, compose and write...and I love it!"

"A young man named Herbert Chik once discovered in Music class that he couldn't sing for nuts. Very vexed at this state of affairs he began a long an arduous process of singing in the shower every day. Suddenly, he noticed that everyone around him was telling him that he was a good singer. This instilled within his soul a deep desire to perform, to be on stage, to wow the crowds...it was like a drug. Hence, this young man now puts his hand to anything creative that comes to mind in an attempt to abate withdrawal symptoms: acting; singing; writing scripts, stories, poems, songs; training a 5-a-side hamster football team...this young man does them all. But only half believes it when people tell him that he's good at them."

Interesting facts about Herbert Chik

Languages Spoken English,Cantonese,Japanese,Mandarin
Location Hong Kong
Gender Male
English Name Herbert Chik
Member Since October 11, 2007
Fans 82
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"I sing, dance, fight, act, compose and write...and I love it!"

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Hong Kong
Member Since
October 11, 2007

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