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The Advanced Backhand by Advanced Tennis Performance Ltd.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYOam0-Rp4oWhat does the Advanced Backhand consist of? A shot NOT to be overlooked as it is not only a major defensive weapon, because if used well, can be part of one's offensive game.Detail discussions on the Advanced Backhand, featured in the upcoming ATPCA Advanced Level 2 course (http://www.advancedtennisperformance.com/#!coach-licensing-with-atpca/c98q). Many thanks to all sponsors and all members of our team that contributed to this video. Any questions please feel free to comment or contact us directly on (+852) 6135 7606, atpltd.tennis@hotmail.com, or www.advancedtennisperformance.com.

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