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How the new Elton John/Leon Russell album inpsired me....

Elton John hasn't come out with an album with so much heart and this good in more than 10 years. He's back!

So is Leon Russell, the guy Elton tried to bring back.

Leon was an idol of Elton's. One day, Elton started sobbing uncontrollably after hearing someone play a Leon Russell song on his iPod. Elton then thought about giving Le...Read more

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If you love me....

Please come to this show!


Nov 20 (Sat) at Grappas Cellar


The 2010 Blues Event of the Year! Don't miss!

The lineup is:

Eugene Pao (Guitar)

Henry Chung (Harmonica)

Blaine Whittaker (alto sax)

Mark Henderson (Trumpet)

Vincent Lam (Guitar)

Jason Cheng (Keyboards...Read more

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None of Us are Free!

Morning! Sharing a song by the late Solomon Burke with the Blind Boys of Alabama to brighten up your day.

Yeah, none of us are free!

Let the music fill your soul!

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Serving music ministry with Mr. Ben Ng!

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I'm officially back with a vengeance!

To all the devoted English readers of this blog, you're in for a treat. Not only will I start writing my musical (and spiritual) rantings again (with the revival of Bill Heid's semi-masterpiece).

My brother Roger and I have recently recorded this 4-part series on RTHK Radio 3 entitled "Rock My Soul: From Spirituals to Rock N'Roll." It's a journey through the evolution of Gospel music from the 1920's to today. The show in presented and produced by Caroline Chan of RTHK and will fe...Read more

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My favorite blues pianist is back with a blast!

The last time I saw Bill was in JZ Club in Hangzhou about 6 months ago. I regret I never had the chance to really talk to him in depth about some musical rantings and sarcasm that I used have on his backyard outside his residence in Bethesda, MD. Not to mention the endless gigs I had with Bill in the US Post Office and BMW conventions in Maryland. We've been throug...Read more

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Another fabulous piece by 吳思源: 當藝人有了信仰


2010年7月23日 星期五

文:吳思源 〈 資深心理發展作家,從心會社社長〉

Original post can be found here.



一般來說,藝人信佛比較低調(除了九十年代的廖鳳鳴),他們大概真的看破紅塵,明白到人世間的名與利,皆如夢幻泡影,如露亦如電的沒有實相,如此他們大多毅然離開娛樂圈,一去不復還。 當然藝人信佛之後也不是個個出家,留在娛樂圈的也不少,如曾志偉、王菲、張學友、梅艷芳、...Read more

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What a wonderful song! Let's not forget about these hymns! The meaningful lyrics are worth reflecting. Enjoy!

我知誰掌管明天 I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

I don't know about tomorrow,

I just live from day to day.

I don't borrow from it's sunshine,

For it's skies may turn to gray.

I don't worry o'er the future,

For I know what Jesus said,

And today I'll walk beside Him,

For He knows what is ahead.


Many things about tomorrow,

I...Read more

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Slimer rocks!

This is a work of art. Look at Slimer!

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星島日報: 一匡不怕冷眼 推福音專輯

Original post can be found here.

鍾氏兄弟,一對曾遭大潑冷水的福音組合,排除萬難推出「靚聲」專輯,曾連續七星期高踞HMV爵士音樂大碟暢銷榜冠軍,創本地福音歌的先河。 他們都深信自己的潛能與意念,不斷磨練,經過起起跌跌,終於找到理想;現在已可以再下一城,追求更高的表演和音樂層次。


鍾一匡不怕冷眼 推福音專輯

本年初,歌手鄭秀文推出福音大碟,潮流造型、Rap與流行曲的結合,打破福音歌曲過去予人「娘」的感覺。其...Read more

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