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9/27/07 Thursday Texas BBQ Private Function @ Jockey Club

9/28/07 Friday Le Rideau w/ Ram Cheung

10/12/07 Friday Fringe Club

10/18/07 Thursday Le Rideau (w/ Gigi)

10/19/07 Friday Le Rideau

10/27/07 Saturday Captain's Bar (w/ Gigi & Her Blues Lackeys)

11/2/07 Friday Kubrick Cafe (Friday Night Live)

11/8/07 Thursday Philia

11/14/07 Wednesday Operat...Read more

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Just to introduce myself...

I'm Henry Chung.

I've got an attitude.

I am a lowdown asian guy from hong kong writing mean, angry, nasty, vicious, and hip blues for the lonely soul.

I play the harmonica, the most unlikely instrument in the world.

I've got fans.

I also write cheesy Cantopop songs.

In a nutshell, I'm multi-talented.

And I'm humble at the same time.

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