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Ren 仁 :名の由来

photo by Steffan Jones産まれてくる子供の名前を考えるのって本当に大変。その子は一生その名と共に生きるのかと思うと責任を感じずにはいられない。やっぱりアメリカ国籍、日本国籍、香港生まれとなるとどこの国でも通用するような名前がいいかなと思うし、というわけでいろいろ候補があって何回変えたかな?笑  Jad, Max, Jay, Ryu, Tak...
EndFragmentNaming a child is a difficult job. It is hard not to feel the responsibility of selecting a name for the child to live with it for the rest of his life. On top of that, we wanted to choose a name that sounds nice, and has no wired meaning attached and pronounced easily in at least three language Japanese, English and Chinese. How many different names have we called him? ... Jad, Max, Jay, Ryu, Tak...Finally we decided to call him "Ren". Gabe woke up one day, and he said, how about "REN"? He liked the sound of it. Short, unique and strong. As we researched for different Chinese/ Japanese Kanji character, I fell in love with the name REN = 仁. In Japanese WIKIPEDIA site the character仁 was mentioned with descrīption of the confucianism " The act of Love for others. Human-heartedness" In Japan, we would pronounce the character JIN, however, we like the uniqueness of calling him Ren as we like the sounds of it.Of course, Gabe had to added, it like Ren from "Ren and Stimpy"!!

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