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My New Year Resolution! 今年の意気込み。

今年がんばりたいこと。出産一ヶ月後に控えていっぱいあるけど、まずは家庭での野菜作り!去年の終わり頃友達にバジルに種をもらいました。小学生のとき学校でジャガイモを育てて以来、野菜を育てるなんて経験がなかったので、種をもらったときはとっても新鮮な気分になりました。そっか、家でも食物を育てられるんだよね。なんでもスーパーのパッケージに頼っている今日このごろ。新たな気持ちて食べ物に感謝したい。 My new year's resolution!!!! There are many things that I want to accomplish. Not to mention, my baby is due next month Feb 9th! A friend of mine gave me some basil seeds at the end of last year. Last memory that I remember taking care of any vegetables were during my primary school years. We all grew potatoes in our school's back garden. It was so refreshing for me to see the seeds of plants! Nowadays, I don't think twice when I buy vegetables at the supermarket. But this year, I want to find more things that I can grow myself at home. I want to reconnect to appreciate the value of food.

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