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Heart beat

photos by Steffan Jones妊娠2ヶ月くらいだった頃、はじめてお腹の赤ちゃんの心臓の音を聞いた。その心臓のリズムの早さに驚きジーンときた。こんなにリズム早く小さいのに力強く動いているのかと思うと不思議な気持ちになった。生命ってすごいな。9ヶ月間もこの早さで大丈夫なのかと心配にさえなった。笑) 頑張っているんだな。It was around two months in my pregnancy, I heard the baby's heartbeats for the first time. It was so incredible. It was almost twice as faster than our heart beats. The babies have such a small tiny body yet, their heartbeats were so strong and fast. I felt the power of LIFE. I remember almost wanted to warn him, "Hey my little buddy, you still have 9 months to go! Slow down a little! " :))

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