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9ヶ月 ー 9 months

- photos by Natalie Lo Lai Lai -2011年、5月に妊娠がわかって、今日、明日にも産まれそうな我が子を思い、時を振り返ってみる。長かったようであっという間だったこの時間ももうすぐ終わりかと思うとちょっと寂しい感じもする。去年はいろんな意味で自分達の夢を叶えた年だったから妊娠が分かった時はとっても嬉しかった。”Gabe, you will be a father...” Daddyに伝えた初めての知らせだよ。二人で長い間見つめ合って、ハグしたのを覚えてる。赤ちゃんが欲しいねって話してたことがとうとう現実になるんだって、不思議と不安がなくて信じられない喜びと期待でいっぱいになったよね。この9ヶ月の間は自分にとって今までの人生や美術、演劇の世界で頑張れた自分を見つめ直し、そして時間をかけて感謝するいい時をすごせたと思う。ありがとう。Our baby boy is coming out in any minutes now. Today... or tomorrow? Instead of being too anxious, I thought it is a good time for me to look back my last 9 months with him in my tummy. I am so ready, yet a little sad that soon I won't be able to feel him side of my stomach.We found out about my pregnancy in May 2011 at home. The year 2011 was a magical year for both me and Gabe. As an artist / creator, we have done so many different projects, and last year, for the first time we felt that we are living the life we dreamed when we were little. We felt so satisfied with our creative freedom, friends, achievements, quality of work etc... In all aspects, there are many things to improve, yet we felt so ready to share with a new member in our life."Gabe, you will be a father...” This was the first thing I told Gabe, when we discovered about our baby. We were just staring at each other for a long time, and hugged so tightly. That was the moment we both felt Wow... now everything we were just talking, wishing, hoping became REALITY!! For some reasons, there were no fear or anxiety. We felt so content and peaceful.It was an amazing 9 months for me to re-think about my art/theater making, and what I want in my work, in my life. But most of all, I had a great time appreciating what I have. Thank you for this amazing time my little new buddy![](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-0EYQ0mG2CoM/TyuI6lH6LSI/AAAAAAAACI8/zMon-ZS2B0g/s400/_MG_8264-127.jpg)

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