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Just for the moment! I am back in Hollywood USA reconnecting and doing the transpacific route.

Lots of new stuff going on with the entertainment industry in Hollywood, California. I been out of the game for 8 years pursuing my own dream began in late 2007 in Shanghai and Hong Kong living and working in film related projects. Up to this point, I have improved in my foreign language skills with Cantonese and Mandarin. Got to learn more about my Chinese culture and history depending on part of the world ones in. And there are diffe...Read more

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Meet Sheena Sakai – Model Goes Viral After Intense ‘Power’ Sex Scene https://t.co/6Dc7CYtH0t via @GuyHut

@lilymariye .

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Actor Harry Du Young attends the theatrical release of Indican Pictures' 'Jasmine' at Laemmle... https://t.co/T8fld4163O

'King of the Yees' Calendar Release https://t.co/o4l361Ch2i

My first time lunching here at Chick-fil-A this Monday afternoon in… https://t.co/fVPbjfob5V

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Helping out with the 69th Cameron Carnival in San Francisco Chinatown. Beautiful day for it too. 15 minutes before it opens for public.

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Witness a shooting on the freeway. A guy stuck out his head and hand with the gun started to bang away just south of San Fran around 2:40pm

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A bit windy but beautiful day on my weekend trip to San Francisco. Lots going on in my world.

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Great time! Great guests! Great performances! Fun evening @EWPlayers at the 51st Anniversary Visionary Award 2017.… https://t.co/5ajtx7RSKI

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Hong Kong
September 29, 2007