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Just for the moment! I am back in Hollywood USA reconnecting and doing the transpacific route.

Lots of new stuff going on with the entertainment industry in Hollywood, California. I been out of the game for 8 years pursuing my own dream began in late 2007 in Shanghai and Hong Kong living and working in film related projects. Up to this point, I have improved in my foreign language skills with Cantonese and Mandarin. Got to learn more about my Chinese culture and history depending on part of the world ones in. And there are diffe...Read more

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In New York on film location taking a break with fellow thespians and long time friend Sung Kang… https://t.co/97cyaZeQgg

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Just posted a photo @ Brooklyn Bridge https://t.co/v9Nl83a4OC

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Woke up one morning and I was in a dream. Where am I? @ Acton, California https://t.co/NtGogzLFnm

@philipwang @YouTube


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TRAILER: Lady Bloodfight https://t.co/v2VIiTuok4 via @worldfilmgeek

This was a film I worked on in Hong Kong both side of the camera.

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@StephenCurry30 Discover! Always Discover! Break the chain. Don't be the shadow, but the sun that makes a clear path to that next victory.

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@rachiepn same with me. Keeping busy or in Hollywood the past 7 months in Los Angeles. I will be in HK after the CNY 2017.

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@rachiepn Enjoy your sushi! Long time no see Rachel. How's HK treating you.

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