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  • Actor/Producer/Production Services

    HDY Harry Du Young Productions (Newly form company to provide casting notice, research, and production related information) "Unofficial" established in August 2012.

    Known as Hong Kong Harry is the latest crazes that went viral in September 2013
    in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California USA

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    Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 10:08PM / Members only

    Want to be acting in a movie?  Are you the one for the role.  Check out casting notice and breakdown for the 2nd round of  LOVE STALK audition  this coming Saturday, 15th of February. Directed by Joe Fiorello and Produced by Angie Palmer.

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  • Hong Kong Harry back in Hong Kong.

    Wednesday, Dec 4, 2013 11:50AM / Members only

    Yes!  Hong Kong Harry "The Du Man" Young is back in Hong Kong.  Looking forward in re-connecting with people and working on some upcoming inde-film project around town and Mainland China very near future. Right now, It is a one day marathon shoot for "Love Stalk" directed by Joe Fiorello and then on a Russian/Hong Kong production "My Name is Tanyusha: Reveal the star within" in December 2013.

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  • It's virual and it's spreading I am now known as "Hong Kong Harry"

    Friday, Nov 22, 2013 3:12PM / Members only

    Just launch a new Facebook page as "Hong Kong Harry"  creating my own fan club site to follow my adventure of traveling, attending special events, critique restaurants, and any unusual and unique interests story and places that may create curiosity. But, in order for my site to become public, please check it out and "LIKE" it.

    Go to https://www.facebook.com/hongkongharry88
    and www.twitter.com/hongkongharry88

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  • Temporary return to Hollywood and auditioning!

    Wednesday, Sep 25, 2013 3:57PM / Members only

    No I am not that person nor I am trying to be.....I am just the guy that came to China/Asia with a blank piece of paper and the rest is history.  But now I am back in LA for the moment and reconnect auditions. It's been a tough path adjusting back into the casting process.  

    Looking back after 3 1/2 years since August 2009, It been a nice little ride lingering around Hong Kong working on Independent film projects, shorts films, and music videos.  My temporary return to Los Angeles and Hollywood in late April of this year 2013. But it's only a short break to get a recharge before returning to China/Asia.  

    Living and working overseas has been an eye opening experience politically, culturally, socially, and economically.  Despite the odd against me, I made some wave confronting unknown territory for the last 5 1/2 years. 

    This trip back to la la land,  I  also discover a  new wave of Hong Kong and Chinese national artists has made the jump to pursue their dream into the Hollywood entertainment industry. A few of them known to Alive Not Dead friends and associates has been written up in Hollywood trade papers and magazines especially on Asian American social and print media.  Congrats to those individuals!!!  

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  • Comicon 2013 in San Diego

    Thursday, Jul 4, 2013 4:22AM / Members only

    You bet I will be attending this year Comicon 2013 on July 18-20 in San Diego, California, USA.  I am always getting involve and this time I have an opportunity helping out  at "Toynami" booth. They are  known for introducing ground breaking stuff never seen in the market and having trademarks known to the world.  Anyway, Hope to see you there among the 100,000 + people expecting crowd the town.  It's become very Hollywood as well.  

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