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Day 4 in preparation for tournament of rose parade on Tuesday, January 1, 2019. We still have to cover this logo with natural ingredients. Flowers, red pepper, and split peas. 12/29/2018

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First day at the Tournament of Rose Parade barn house. One of many location decorating floats in preparation for January 1, 2019 Rose Parade in Pasadena. 12/26/18.

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KPCC: First Sikh-themed Float to Debut at Rose Parade https://t.co/J6VKBALTWF via @asamnews

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A few people asked me WHY am i volunteering my time decorating a parade float.

Well, folks! it's deeper than that. First of all, I always wanted take part and it just happens to be the ROSE PARADE 2019.

Most importantly, it's the theme of the float that touch me. It represents an unspoken history about Chinese in America who helped built the first continental railroad in the late 1880s.

Something my generation never was taught in schools until my college years. And surprisingly it was never mentioned the community of San Francisco Chi...Read more

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@SaffronMChan I take walks everyday. It helps regulate my stomach yoo. Seriously! If I sat around all day, I will not notice it. Lol

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@ChantelHouston @MsLynnChen @DTSantaMonica @VoltaggioSTRFSH @GalleryFoodHall Beside finding your balance. You have… https://t.co/b9bkIT6SKp

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Wishing upon a dark star. Merry Christmas to those that had moved on from this earth. So many passing this year 201… https://t.co/6wCRN2HSxs

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@MichelleNewwin @SimuLiu Wow! Congrats on another season of Kim's Convienent Store.

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What can I say about her!? Oh wait! my friend Molly back home in San Francisco cannot be describe in any dictionary, or encyclopedia. Yes! I want to remind you people...there is such a thing as these two types of reference books.

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Watching the film CREED 2 at the Directors Guild of America on Sunset Blvd. and it's night before Thanksgiving Day. 11/21/2018. #creed2

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