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Where can you buy/sell LDs in Hong Kong?

I have quite a collection of LDs (LaserDiscs); over 600 of them. I'm considering letting them go although I'll keep them if I can think of a way to get my friend's 35kg professional LD player from Sydney to Hong Kong.

Does anyone know of a place that buys and sells LDs?


Our neighbour (who at one stage had over 1000 LD discs) has informed me that there's a repair service in Shatin that repairs LD players. Our Pioneer player is beyond repair because the carriage is warped, but the Sony MD-1 might still be serviceable, just not by Sony. I'll take the Sony to the repair service and with any luck have a useable LD Player very soon.

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hey~ happy new year!! all the best~ and take care!! =)
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Try ebay. I went in to see if they have any and they've got a whole lot of them.. But pls do get someone who is a frequent user of ebay to help you go through transactions in ebay should you choose to buy form there. The thing is, you can really find loads of stuff there but you've really got to make sure you get the right ones and that you know the buyer protection rules etc.. And do avoid getting things from people with a number of negative or very few feedbacks. :)
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"Sirena" -- the feminine form of siren (as in Greek mythology)? no wonder you sing so well :-) btw, I'm pretty familiar with eBay. I don't buy/sell much there though, and most of the activity seems to be U.S. rather than Hong Kong.
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oh but I thought sirens are already female? :) Anyways, yes, its true. Most of the activities are in USA. I hv bought quite a number of stuff from them over the years. Its only once in a while that I meet dishonest people and get conned.. :( But most of the time, they are quite alright so if you still can't find it in HK, you might consider trying a business transaction with someone from USA? Or since you are from Australia, there are sellers from there as well, perhaps you might feel better getting from them? :)
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"but I thought sirens are already female?" yes, they are, but in Spanish (one of the languages I'm learning), feminine objects and their verbs are usually denoted with an 'a' suffix, so...
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Ah.. kureyo!.. ;) I see... U know actually, with my liking of climbing up and down plus doing stuff guys like to do, I really sometimes wonder if I'm male or female.. ;P
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