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Today was disheartening.

A year ago while performing in China, I damaged my vocal chords. The speaker configuration at the venue was such that the microphone couldn't be turned up very much and I had to sing at a very high volume to be heard by the audience. My vocals were not strong to begin with, and after two nights of over-singing, my chords gave up. I was unable to speak normally for several months, and recovery only became somewhat noticeable in June. Even now though, I haven't fully recovered.

Today was evidence of that. We booked a recording studio to get experience in a recording studio, to see how things are done, and to make sure that the music material we have is compatible with the studio. Everything was great, except for my voice.

It was crystal clear that my voice is not yet ready for 'prime time'. It was broken and raspy. It definitely needs time and work.

So, it is not possible at this time to set a release date for the album. In the meantime, while I work to strengthen my voice, we'll continue to work on the various things that pertain to the album; designing the CD cover and insert, re-designing my web site, arranging the remainder of the songs, thinking about marketing, etc.

There have been many obstacles to recording this album. When it is finally released, it will be a symbol of victory against all odds.

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mate, as I'm sure you know, setbacks like this only make the final product all the more special, and you will no doubt be even prouder~ keep at it! best of luck to you~
almost 10 years ago
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I have been enrolled in a vocal course since July this year and they did mention something regarding the vocal folds trauma before...anyway..get well soon and good luck!
almost 10 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
so sorry to hear that. i'm sure you'll pull through. on an ironic note, i soothe my vocal chords with a bit of absolut vodka.
almost 10 years ago


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