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Caffeine can be dangerous!

Link to original post: Caffeine can be dangerous!This article (referred by this article) claims that caffeine is not dangerous for people with heart arrhythmias. People (including teenagers) have died from drinking too much caffeine; their hearts stopped beating; and I know for a fact that some people are very sensitive to caffeine.

There's a very careful selection of words used in the review; " most patients", "caffeine in moderate doses", " well tolerated"; words that some call 'fat' words, allowing for a large range of interpretation.

The review concludes that "there is therefore no reason to restrict ingestion of caffeine".

Curious that one of the reviewers of the data was a paid consultant for Red Bull.

I wouldn't want to be the reviewers' lawyer.

P.S. Caffeinated drinks include coffee, many softdrinks, energy drinks, chocolate and tea; and yes, that includes Chinese tea.

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