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About Graphicairlines: Established in 2002, a creative team consists of 2 people, TAT & Vi. Our aim is to enjoy the voyage of life creation. Flying to dif

About Graphicairlines: Established in 2002, a creative team consists of 2 people, TAT & Vi. Our aim is to enjoy the voyage of life creation. Flying to different realms of creativity are what we hope for. We love to drawing on street, on tee, on wall, on paper, on wood, on canvas, on clay or by computer... Everything can be our canvas. You are very welcomed to aboard TAT★GAL:(M) Totally from Hong Kong. Designer, illustrator and street artist. Because life is short, he is trying not to be a money slave and working cow.He established GraphicAirlines for finding the freedom of his own creations. He obsessed in drawing ugly bunny like characters and tee print designs.

VI★GAL:(F) Graduated from Creative Media program at Hong Kong City University.Without a thought, she accidentally stepped into the world of drawing, but surprisingly feels good with creating. She started her doodles and making ugly clay dolls from 2004. The fat face with big chests is her icon character. Those fat and big chests characters represents the metropolitan's excessing materials life and distending desires.

Previous projects: 2008 08/08 “Dear Yau Ma Tei” exhibition @ Shanghai Street Artspace//HK 07/08 GAL exhibition @ Log-On, Festival Walk//HK 06/08 MAKI Custom Kicks Contribution by MAKI & LaurenceKing//Netherlands&UK 05/08 Disney Bloc28 mural painting contribution@ J01//HK 05/08 YMCA FARM Live Painting @ Victoria park//HK 05/08 “TALKING” HK street art exhibition @ BABU Gallery//Shenzhen,CHINA 04/08 Contributed in Galleri Magazine Issue#3//HK 04/08 Thunder Chunky Interview//UK 03/08 Pixie 3rd Anniversary logo design contribution//Tawian 03/08 YOHO Magazine Interview//CHINA 03/08 On the Street Exhbition@ Culture Club//HK 02/08 Graphicairlines in Progress @ Delay No Mall exhibition//HK 02/08 U Know magazine Cover and feature//HK 02/08 APM Chinese New Year Mask contribution//HK 01/08 Clockenflap - multi-media and performance arts festival//HK

2007 12/07 Design By Human Tee print design//US 12/07 "Not in X'mas Mood" Exhibition@APM Kubrick//HK 12/07 Too Art Gallery X'mas Tree Exhibition//HK 12/07 Thunder Chunky -TC Xmas Project//UK 12/07 Furnitures paintig for GOD Delay No Mall//HK 12/07 "MegaBoxing Day" Exhibition Contribution@Mega Box//HK 11/07 Contributed in "Contemporary Character Design in Asia" published by Page One//Singapore 11/07 Pictoplasma Animation Festival 2007 Screening Contribution//Berlin 11/07 Jury Prize Winner of Cut & Paste HK Tournament 2007//HK 11/07 Idn Dreams & Nightmares Shin Tanaka Toy Custom Exhibition@The Grand Cinema, Elements//HK 11/07 Masked Rider - Meet the Real Heroes Exhibition//HK 10/07 I-cable 《拉近文化》Feature Interview//HK 10/07 Contributed in "Box" Magazine//China 10/07 HKDR Wall Painting//HK 10/07 "A" PART Art Exhibition@HK Art Centre Too Art Gallery//HK 10/07 Dress Up Your Eastpak@Seiyu//HK 10/07 HKAFF2007: Asian Shorts 3:Animation Selection//HK 09/07 Cover illustration for Platform Magazine issue//HK 09/07 Tagger Bag Customs//HK 09/07 High & Dry - Exhibition of HK old street market//HK 08/07 Silver Black Card Artwork Charity Auction//HK 08/07 Cut & Paste Digital Design Tournament 2007 8 finalists //HK 08/07 I love MK Langham Place Collective Art Pro 08/07 I Love L.Y. exhibition Part 2 "Love & Attitude"//HK 08/07 Feel Good Project Session 3//Taipei 08/07 Cover illustration for 3 Man HK culture magazine issue#10//HK 08/07 Artworks feature in Galleri Magazine issue#01//HK 08/07 Noise interview//Australia 08/07 RTHK《傳媒春秋》A short feature about HK Graffiti n Street Art//HK 08/07 Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament 2007 promotion material design//HK 07/07 END2END-Graffiti and Urban Art Festival //Hamburg 07/07 Contributed in "I LUV U Baby" - Characters Collection Book by Big Bros Workshop //Malaysia 07/07 ST/ART 10/10 HK vision: Past/Future Art Project//HK 07/07 HOCC 幽默感MV//HK 06/07 Tiger beer live painting//HK 06/07 RTHK X KCR Art Unlimited Train design contribution//HK 06/07 Threadless design Tees "My Classmates" Winner//US 06/07 I Love L.Y. exhibition Part 1 "Love & Touch"//HK 06/07 EPOCH cafe window decoration and exhibition//HK 05/07 K Swiss Sneaker Pimps Asia Tour 2007//World Tour 05/07 TVB Pearl documentary about HK graffiti scene//HK 04/07 EVISU Cube Gallery Exhibition @ EVISU Store and D-Mop//HK 04/07 Threadless design Tees "Imaginary of Cloud" Winner//US 02/07 Jasonwood Jeans Exhibition and Live Painting //HangZhou

2006 12/06 Main Course T-shirt Exhibition @ Sense99//HK 12/06 Quiksilver X Opel Euro Pro Skate Jam 2006 Live Skateboard Painting//HK 12/06 “Eye On” New Visual Art Exhibition //Beijing 11/06 HOCC "We Create As One" Art Exhibition//HK 11/06 TAMO Custom Toys Exhibition and Live Painting @ Asia Toys Expo 2006//HK 11/06 Live Painting @ Peak Project //HK 11/06 Contributed in the "Hong Kong Biggest Alphabet Book" Charity Project//HK 10/06 Rockit'06 Music Festival Live Painting//HK 09/06 Threadless select design Tees "Lonely Snowmen"//US 09/06 Shamus Dark "Songs for Suicidal Lovers" CD illustration//HK 08/06 APM Book Show "Trash Talk" Charachers Figure and Plushies Exhibition//HK 08/06 Published a Visual Novel "Trash Talk" with Kubrick//HK 07/06 Feel Good Project by j.a.r and pistoplasma @ F.I.N.D.S.//HK 07/06 Milk Farm 3rd Anniversary Live Painting //HK 07/06 Eastpak "Designer Show Off" Live Painting @ Art Jamming Gallery//HK 07/06 ST/ART 450sq.ft. Art Exhibition @ Idn Gallery//HK 04/06 1st International Sticker Award //Germany 05/06 Royal Elastics Presents Dekart Skateboard Exhibition @ EDGE//HK 05/06 Threadless design Tees "Illusion of rabbit optical" Winner//US 01/06 ST/ART RE:START Art Exhibition //HK

2005 12/05 Helvetica Exhibition @ Cantonyama //HK 11/05 Rockit'05 Music Festival Live Painting //HK 10/05 ECKO "Real Deep Street Culture" Exhibition//HK 10/05 Janice "My Love" CD packing design //HK 09/05 Leon Lai " Long Love" CD packing design//HK 08/05 Threadless design Tees "Come back at night" Winner//US 03/05 Janice "Day and Night" CD packing design //HK 03/05 Leon Lai "Love and Promises" CD packing design//HK 02/05 Threadless design Tees "Go Fish" Winner//US

2004 10/04 Threadless design Tees "God&dog" Winner//US 10/04 Threadless design Tees "Blitz" Winners//US 10/04 Jet Magazine Creative Competition//HK 10/04 Umbro T-Shirt Design Competition Winner//HK 09/04 KRV KURVA Bag Design Competition Winner//HK 05/04 Threadless design Tees "Volcano" Winner//US 05/04 Nokia Mobile Design Competition//HK

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About Graphicairlines: Established in 2002, a creative team consists of 2 people, TAT & Vi. Our aim is to enjoy the voyage of life creation. Flying to dif

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english, cantonese, mandarin
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