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W.H.O.'s gambling (are you 'all in')?

In the line of fire: Notice the N95 8210 Mask:

Notice once again the N95 8210 Mask:

Proven fact: Here is the mask that got us through SARS (coronavirus), H5N1 virus - why would you risk using any other kind of mask?

W.H.O.'s gamble and the peoples' dilemma:

Tracking of up through today, release of reported cases:

  1. influenza virus (aka common flu)

  2. H1N1 virus (aka 'swine' flu)

  3. H5N1 virus (aka 'avian' bird flu)

  4. Unknown virus (aka Not Yet Classified but definitely NOT 1-3 flu)

The H1N1 virus has resulted from antigenic shifts:

The second wave in October 2009 will rear its ugly head after reassortment with other existing viruses and that is why tracking the movement of influenza, H1N1, H5N1 and unknown viruses are crucial. Every time they meet is another lottery ticket purchased towards mutating into a more virulent, higher mortality and higher resistent strain.

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yes, wearing a mask not only is for 'protecting oneself'. In case you do contract a virus, we should be considerate of others. Bureaucrats are already talking about how to implement arresting individuals who spread diseases. FYI: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/apr/15/germany-hiv-girlband-noangels Could this happen with the 'swine flu'? Only if 'pigs could fly' ... apparently something inside them do.
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