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Hong Kong's first outbreak (part 2)

Due to the recent outbreak, Hong Kong, China has immediately provided coverage of the research we are doing here in the United States in addition to the state of affairs and how the public is being informed and preparing for the second wave.

By part 3, you will fully understand the course of events that will affect you and your family.

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Public School 177 (PS177):

16 yr old teens interviewed by China's Press:

  1. They think that swine flu comes from the pig and cannot infect humans (It actually contains 4 genetics part turkey, part Eurasian swine, part N. American swine and part human calling it swine flu downplays the significance of this virus).

  2. They were not wearing any kind of mask. They said they were told they don't need to wear a mask because very few people have gotten infected in the USA (N95 8210 mask by 3M is crucial).

St. Francis Private School (several blocks away) confirms infection with H1N1:

The H1N1 virus can be erradicated using the proper modalities and BioNeutral Group's

Ygiene is paving the way to improve safety. Nevertheless, should the virus get airborne and 'infect' people, Ygiene cannot be taken orally and vaccines are only good if the strain does not mutate. Thus, proper hygiene measures are the best option and approach: an ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of cure.

It is disturbing that no details are provided on the school closing signs. With the internet and medical information readily available, we should not presume people to be idiots.

Little do people know that the virus has already begun mutating and since it is mutating, its toxicity is 'unknown'. The scientific alarm is urgent. Public alarm is not. What people should start to consider is by wearing the proper mask, they will be considerate of others so this virus can be slowed and scientists have more time to find a solution. The more people who are infected, the greater the chance of mutation.

We need to work together. Improper animal husbandry measures will cause even greater concern since the H1N1 virus could infect humans and then 're-infect' animals (i.e. chicken, turkey, pigs etc)

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find them via internet -or- call 3M. You still have time to start getting stocked up & practice wearing them. Let me know how you do. =D
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