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Extremely Disturbing Information (H1N1 Freedom of speech/press denied)

Earlier media releases:

In an interview, I am confident that this will become much more serious during its second wave (we must take it out before it mutates during October-November 2009, people need to start working on building food storage supplies NOW):

The following letter explains everything. We had dual cameras but the major front camera was confiscated (this was the camera crews equipment) and 100% of footage was wiped out at U.S. airports. This denial of freedom of speech/press is very unfortunate and disturbing since everything was documented and true.

The following Quest Diagnostics Vehicle and the driver disclosed that massive amounts of people were getting infected (and that he didn't feel good about this). For the past 2 weeks, the amount of +ve findings have been increasing amongst his colleagues. His entire car was full of bags and bags of +ve reports and samples confirming multiple sick individuals within New York City. The public is not being properly informed and any attempts of leaving with USA data is being confiscated. Early detection and early response is the only way to contain the rapid spread of the virus.

Currently, we are not under martial law. Therefore, the following video is fully allowable under the rights of the First Amendment of the Constitution: Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Press.

The following clip is from a backup camera (instantly uploaded onto 6 servers including youtube & shared already) -please pass it on and may freedom of the press be preserved: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ukgQD9o0zg

What the driver confirmed being +ve reports was scary part. Using an additional camera the following camera shot was acquired:

H1N1 case/pattern movement up to date:

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the backup camera got everything just not the sound -since the microphone feed went into the main camera. nevertheless, this has attracted more media attention for this coming week and I firmly believe everything happens for a reason (sometimes when you can't have something, it will tend to only attract an even greater desire to acquire the story). also we had a separate voice recording with Dr. Tierno that will be released soon =D Our race against time is focused for October 2009. Historically, 1918 infected mildly during the Spring but then turned really nasty in October. We need to be prepared in our race against time. Not only to have an arsenal of medicines but also good hygiene, cleaners, N95 masks and also proper 3-4 weeks of food storage that will remain relatively fresh. thanks for all the viewers and their support!
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