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Ecofriendly product found to be toxic by distributor (EcoBlu)

I've been inundated with questions regarding the wood products company especially for those who will be learning about this for the first time. Research links are provided which will allow you to see a very detailed report on what has occurred.

Earlier celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Lisa Ling etc., who were users of the product to build their houses were unsuspectingly using a Bluwood material formulated under a "trade secret" which prevented termites and mold. It really worked with a caviat it was toxic. The latter part was not disclosed by the seller to the distributor. The supporting videos of their pride in using something nontoxic were displayed publicly.





Prior to Thanksgiving, on November 22nd, the Company (Distributor) publicly disclosed that chlorothalonil was discovered from the (Seller -owner of the trade secret):

Facts about Chlorothalonil (Database: http://pesticideinfo.org/DetailChemical.jsp?RecId=PC34550)


Toxicity to Fish:

Targeted Human Organs:


Zero Tolerance Policy:

I personally reviewed the data as a third party. There are always concerns on anything "trade secret" and whether non-disclosures contain harmful or threats to public health/ safety guidelines. It is one thing to be effective while it is another to violate safety issues and intentionally hiding harmful information from public/regulatory knowledge. Unfortunately, under trade secret, we could never really know unless there was a material discovery made from one party to the other.

Appointment to the Company (Distributor), Announcement on 18 March 2010:



Additional works:


Providing ideas and expertise for an alternative route was never planned in expectation the supplier's formulation would be toxic. Instead, it was to improve on quality control, objectively provide the public company with unique IP at the chemistry level, and to build shareholder value.  Provisional Patent  Entered: Date/Time Stamped: October 27, 2010 @ 10:34am.

Answers to Inquiries:

Today's announcement is a material event where the Company's CEO has decided to openly announce the patent provisional is in place. As one of the inventors, I have a zero tolerance policy for nondisclosures and products that contain intentional additives of toxins. By utilizing a technologically advanced approach of polymer film technologies to prevent mold, termites from locating the nutrients, this is significantly safer approach over moldicides.




Intellectual property is a powerful approach that can have a very positive impact on the future. The Distributor has announced it has stopped all sales of the previous toxic/ carcinogenic formulation.

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