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Did your Thanksgiving Dinner contain MSG?

The following article was published from the datasets within GordonYourself (GY) Advice and featured on Cosmopolitan as well as other print/online media. In 2010, our company recently embarked on cluster targeting technologies that would allow us to bridge relevant topics related to each written/published article. Content targeting can be useful for any business.


While monosodium glutamate (MSG) side effects have been talked about, many individuals who opt to avoid MSG for concerns relating to increased signs of aging (wrinkles, bloating), or neurological complaints (i.e. increased headaches) have very little knowledge of what contains MSG. For those who have become increasingly overweight many experts are concerned that MSG containing foods when eaten for prolonged periods of time can inhibit weight/appetite control.  

Certain canned chicken soups, chicken powder, chicken taste powder, chicken bouillon ( 雞味粉, 雞粉)has been found to contain monosodium glutamate (see photo below). Therefore, if your restaurant uses canned chicken soups, chicken powder, chicken bouillon ... it is important to make mention to your server/restaurant that you do not want MSG in your food or MSG containing products (i.e. chicken extracts).

The words  disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate are ribonucleotides that are usually found in conjunction with MSG.

By implementing these technologies, at Mobile Genius Media (a Company that I am advising), clients can attain greater targeting on their information by knowing word popularity relationships. Next, correlated against search patterns made across the internet, development of APPs with greater ROI (returns on investment) and ROO (returns on objective) can be achieved. In this case, by using my own article, the larger the word indicates there are greater relationships at some apparent or hidden level.

Here you can see that chicken and msg have the greatest correlations.

Note: gordonyourself because our website and print media has published and circulated prior to this article being written has also increased its relevance -an interesting artifact. However, because I don't use my own personal name in the keywords, the gordonyourself>gordonchiu.



Since slim is the new "fashion" and usually people who care about their bodies also care alot about their complexion, greater relevance could have been achieved by targeting Western snacks ...

Infolink: Cheetos and cheese curls contain MSG. Note: MSG can be used interchangeably with natural flavorings.


Thanksgiving dinners and feelings of sickness. How much was related to poor quality foods vs. overeating/indigestion vs. MSG and % correlations would be an interesting phenomenon.

Another high relevance tie-in would be a No MSG containing product that contains an unspecified flour. This type of product could be an allergy disaster for gluten sensitive, gluten intolerant and individuals with Celiac or Crohn's disease. Additionally, those on a wellness or slimming program which avoids gluten would also be setback for 6 months by ingesting such foods.

Having the photo would make all the difference to demonstrate how food preparation and food served in restaurants could be dangerous to an unsuspecting or unassuming customer. The photo of the manufacturer's box/container is proof that flour is used in certain brands. 

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