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The State of Shanghai Hip Hop

Is so fantastically promising.

I just went there for the week for my brother's (Kenneth Chau also on AnD) photography exhibition and on my down time I went to meet up with someone I'd been really excited about meeting.

Recently, I did a song (Keepers of the Light) for a Hip Hop documentary about Chinese Hip Hop called Follow Your Heart - it should be up on Channel V on the 12th of this month and there was a DJ who was featured. You may or may not have heard of him, but let me say it now - DJ V-Nuts is really a pioneer up there.

A quick Bio: Turntables are expensive and hard to come across especially up in China - V-Nuts decides to create a spot called The Lab in so that anyone who has interest in turntablism can go there and learn from the pros for Free. Some cats from the mainland acutally make pilgrimages there - it's amazing on how great a community there is there. As for Pros - well, the people there are all DMC winners who really know their stuff. As well, he's got a club called The Shelter, and I will ONLY go there from now on as all the other clubs in Shanghai really just don't cut it when it comes to great music. I mean - DJ NUMARK + DJ KENTARO was there just LAST MONTH WTF. Just go there....

So I just want to say, that if you are up there - look up the Shelter, cause that is some dope shit. And maybe I'll see you there, cause I'm going to be there from once a month from now on.

The Shelter:


The Lab:


And for my HK cats who want to go for cheap - take the ShenZhen Airport - 1000 Hkd roundtrip!

PEACE~~~ Gmtn

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Elena dd unset 18
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Yeah you guys should totally go - really - it's a dope spot!!!
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Just learning up on the fine balance in this minute minuet called the intimate infinite...

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