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Wow, is he like, Blogging?

Yeah. Sort of.

Sorry it looks so stark. I gotta learn how to change the look of this.

I got alot of stuff on my mind right now, so much that I have to drop some of it on my desk and floor. Well, at least I got a haircut and paid some bills today; a day of action. I’m getting ready to go to Chicago for their Asian American Showcase, or otherwise known as FAAIM (stands for Foundation of Asian American Independent Media) It’s only film festival to exclusively feature Asian American Films. Being their 15th anniversary, I’m excited to hang out and be peripherally involved with it.
Patrick Epino’s film, “Mr. Sadman” (which I have some songs in) will be screening on Friday night, April 9th in a double feature with “Sunsets” which was directed by Michael Aki and Eric Nakamura.

Speaking of Eric, I’m going to be on a panel discussion with him and Tad Nakamura called Byte This: Surviving the Digital Age at Columbia College Chicago. I’m really looking forward to this, we’re all in different mediums ( Print for Eric, Film for Tad, Jackassery for me) and it’ll be cool to pick their brains in front of an audience!

I’m on another panel the next day at the Unviersity of Urbana-Champaign with the legendary Angry Asian Man himself, Phil Yu I’ll have to write about that more in depth later.

Ok. Time to pack. See you in Chicago?

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to some delicious Bacon Soup upon arrival near Midway:BACONSOUP OMG

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