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Blame the cat

   I have this joke about my Boyfriend who offered me a cat cause I was constantly complaining that he worked too much and that I was lonely at home. And he promised he'll find a solution and... here's the cat.  I also used to say that my cat is useless - just another person at my place afraid of the vacuum cleaner. But I just realized that he actually loves me. I flew home from Paris yesterday and my cat seemed actually very pleased to see me. And so, in order to express his gratitude he gave me a nice set of two dead mouses and a big rat nicely disposed on my lovely kilim rug (yeah I am living in the countryside and we have a garden and it's a cat paradise, I can tell you my cat does not need any of these pastries they sell at Three Dog Bakery in Happy Valley. Frankly, if you think your cat is depressed, save the shrink (not the shrimp though as they like it) and just move to the N.T) I had to text my friend Nic : "I'll be late for lunch. Blame my cat". Or the rats depending on which side you are taking.

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aww such a sweet looking cat :)
almost 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
heheh i think cat gifts are cute (and gross)!
almost 12 years ago
Photo 62955
gross for sure ..yeah but still it's a gift so ou have to be pleased !!
almost 12 years ago


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