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This is the Hong Kong VHS front cover of Wong Chung's "

Run, Don't Walk 老虎出監" (Theatrical Hong Kong release: August 1989) starring Ti Lung and Richard Ng.

It's a Hong Kong remake/rip-off of

Francis Veber's action comedy " Three Fugitives" (1989) starring Nick Nolte& Martin Short, released in America 8 months earlier...

...which is already a U.S. remake of Francis Veber own French movie, "

Les Fugitifs" (1986) starring Gérard Depardieu and Pierre Richard. ###

The Plot:

Just out of prison, a former robber (Ti Lung/Nolte/Depardieu) is kidnapped by an inexperienced bank robber(Richard Ng/Martin Short/Pierre Richard) who needs money to cure his cute daughter who hasn’t spoken since her mother died... (Check out Brian Thibodeau review on HKMDB) Original photo from Ti Lung personal collection###I interviewed Ti Lung back in 2003, and mentionned this movie and he had absolutely no idea that it was a remake of a French movie and that he was playing Depardieu's character... We spoke mostly in English during the interview but Ti Lung also spoke French a little. Also, he told me that his name was inspired by French actor Alain Delon (In Mandarin "Dí Lóng" and "Delon" sound the same). Alain Delon in René Clément's "Plein Soleil / Purple Noon" (1960)

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Raffi says :
Alain Delon is mentioned in Overheard 2 a few times.
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I love Alain Delon but I haven't seen him here for a long time. He's still darn good looking. Ti Lung is best remembered by me from Drunken Master II, but I've seen him in so many others. Glad to see this is being released.
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JS says :
I had no idea three fugitives was a remake itself, I used to love that movie when I was younger. I'd now like to see the original and the remake.
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Joey Yong says :
wow.. he was so handsome and he is
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