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    Monday, Apr 14, 2008 7:43AM / Event / Hong Kong Cinema / Members only

    I wish I was still in Hong Kong to see that with my own eyes ! I've just learned some hours ago that Susan Shaw / 邵音音(a.k.a. Shaw Yin-yin a.k.a. Shao Yin-yin a.k.a. Shaw Yum Yum a.k.a. Siu Yam-yam), won the best supporting actress award at the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards for her role in The Pye-Dog / ·良犬. Hooray !

    When I visited her a few weeks ago, I was already very glad when she told that she was nominated for the first time of her carreer.

    I know Susan Shaw since 2005, and I interviewed her several times since then. She's in three short documentaries that I directed : La Poupée de Hong Kong (Hong Kong Doll), a 15 minute interview about her  carreer which was released on Human Lanterns / 人皮燈籠   French DVD...

    ..."Palm" d'Or pour la Shaw (Shaw's Golden Palm), a short documentary about Buddha's Palm / 如來神掌, also featuring Gordon Chan / 陳嘉上 and Candice Yu 余安安, released on the French DVD of the 1982 version of Buddha’s Palm, directed by Taylor Wong / 黃泰來...

    ...and  Intimate Confessions of 3 Shaw Girls, a documentary also featuring Lily Li / 李麗麗 and Candice Yu, about Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan / 愛奴 and Lust For Love For A Chinese Courtesan / 愛奴新傳 (released on the French DVD of Intimate...).


    In November 2006, Susan Shaw introduced me to Derek Kwok / 郭子健, who gave me the opportunity to watch his first feature film as a director, The Pye-Dog, four months before the HKIFF premiere (and six months before the official Hong Kong theatrical release). That’s how I was able to write an article and make an interview of the director about this movie, which were published in the French magazine Kumite before the HKIFF 2007. Then, after The Pye-Dog premiere, I interviewed Susan Shaw again about this movie, and also about her work with director Li Han-hsiang / 李翰祥 (there was a retrospective about him that year at the Hong Kong Film Archive), and it was published in another issue of Kumite a few months later. If you can read French, enjoy it now...

    If you want to know more about the fascinating story of Susan Shaw, check out the very good 4-parts interview in English, done by Chu King-wei for HKCinemagic : Interview Siu Yam Yam : “A Sexy Movie Star” - Part 1 : Nurse, Singer, Actress – Part 2 : Lin Han-hsiang, Moods of Love – Part 3 : Chinatown Kid, Big Bad Sister, present HK Cinema – Part 4 : Falling Star.

    After The Pye-Dog, Susan Shaw played in three other movies : Exodus / 出埃及記, directed by Pang Ho-cheung / 彭浩翔, Run, Papa, Run /一個好爸爸, directed by Sylvia Chang / 張艾嘉 (my favorite Hong Kong movie this year so far) and The Moss / 青苔, the second movie directed by Derek Kwok.


    Frédéric Ambroisine (April 14th, 2008)

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  • StarKiss
    posted on Tuesday, Apr 15, 2008 2:35AM [Report]
    I agree she does deserve the honor.. wish you could have been in HK to cover it more closly.. but at same time I am glad you are safly back home
    posted on Tuesday, Apr 15, 2008 12:10AM [Report]
    I am very proud of Susan! She deserves the honour! Fred, please don't envy me, I witnessed all the things with my own eyes!! =)
  • kenjilui
    Official artist 
    posted on Monday, Apr 14, 2008 1:58PM [Report]
    she deserves it.. i think she did great in pye dog!
  • Etchy
    posted on Monday, Apr 14, 2008 12:42PM [Report]
    thanks for putting it all in context!
  • tinlunlau
    posted on Monday, Apr 14, 2008 9:48AM [Report]
    I thought she was hilarious as the mother-in-law on "You Shoot I Shoot".  I still wanna buy that on DVD.  I hated how it took so long for the DVD to come out.  I'm stuck with the VCD.
  • Sw33t76
    posted on Monday, Apr 14, 2008 8:01AM [Report]
    o wow... it is pretty cool how she ended up in film industry... i bet she won't forget Bruce Lee for discovering her hehehe ^_^

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