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3 in 1

1) First off, today I had the privilege to work with a veteran, actress CHENG PEI PEI, for the 2nd season of a  local sitcom called "The Yang Sisters". She plays the role of the eldest of 3 sisters.

The scenes depict a film set with Pei Pei jie 'acting'  as Wong Fei Hong and I'm Joe the stunt man, though there weren't any actual stunts...it's a sitcom afterall :P

We only had 1 scene together, in which she tries to hook me up with her 'daughter'. Off camera, she is really nice and friendly. Truth be...Read more

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One of those rare occasions...

Just added some screenshots in my photo album.

You might have trouble recognizing me cos you see, it's one of those rare occasions when I'm not playing a 'baddie'. Instead, this role is somewhat closer to the real me: the doting father of my only daughter.

Except the 'daughter' in this case isn't my 5-yr-old Avryl. Instead, she is a 15 yr-old teenager called Mindy, who together with her 2 classmates, dig up interesting facts from a bygone era.

Use link below to see the video ...Read more

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Discovery Channel teaser shoot - 160208

Had a thoroughly enjoyable and somewhat exhausting teaser shoot today. It was for DISCOVERY CHANNEL and from what I've been told, will only be aired in Singapore. But who knows? Maybe they'll change their mind and air it in other countries as well?

Anyways, here are some photos I  took to share with you all:

1) This was the night before.Here I am taking a picture of myself in the washroom mirror after trying out the outfit at the wardrobe-fitting-cum-rehearsal session.

Read more

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When a marriage goes bad

Not to worry, not to worry...not talking about my own marriage here. :P

I had a shoot today on a new docu-drama series called BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and the topic of th episode I'm in is: SPOUSAL ABUSE.

There'll be 2 segments to this 30min episode; 1 with an abusive husband and the other, an abusive wife. No prize for guessing correctly which segment I'm in and which character I portray :P

I know...I often gripe about getting the 'villian' roles. But I've had so much fun playing all those ...Read more

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CNY and prepping for a show don't mix.

Did my first school show yesterday, 11 Feb 2008. Although, after almost 5 years acting on TV, movies, short films, corporate videos, etc...I must admit, it's a little late to start. 

All this time I've done mainly 'screen' work and not much 'live' acting. It's not that I shun 'live' acting or stage or theater roles. But more due to 'prac...Read more

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Leaving an impression

Picture this.

You wanna impress some people you've never met 'cos in doing so they would; have you flown over, put you up in first class accommodations, feed you, drive you around, have people see to all your needs....And at the end of the whole shabang, you might just walk away with a huge (and I mean literally huge) cheque.

So what would you do?

I could tell you what I had done for those very same prospects....or I could show you :P Video: Read more

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Dream Role

As an actor, there's one question that's bound to come up at some point in your career.

"WHAT WOULD BE  YOUR DREAM ROLE?" The first time I got asked this question, I was at a loss for words. Fact is, it hadn't crossed my mind. It's not like I have choice now, if you know what I mean.

Let's face it, most actors don't really have a say in such matters. It's either ...Read more

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"Inspector X and the Eternal City" - excerpts

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIGCsGTlJQ8

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Actor Workshop @ NYU Tisch Asia

Today I attended what  I had initially thought to be an audition, at the campus of NYU Tisch Asia.  Though it turned out to be much more than expected.

See, it wasn't  a conventional audition. It was in fact a directing class for the graduate students of NYU. And the lesson, pertaining to the effective directing of actors during an audition, was conducted by award-winning Hollywood Director Rob Schmidt.

Rob and I have already met some months back when I acted for 2 of the NYU's student short films. On...Read more

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"AXN Macau Xtreme Ep 6" - excerpt

For those of you who have never heard of AXN Macau Xtreme, it was a reality game show shot in Aug 2006 which combined elements of Fear Factor, The Amazing Race and Survivor, albeit on a smaller scale.

We started off with 8 contestants:

1) Ching -Taiwan

2) Marianne - Hong Kong

3) Michelle - Philipines

4) Naho - Japan

5) Alberto - Macau

6) Jonny - China

7) Min - Korea

8) Me - Singapore

We were split into 2 teams, with 2 guys and 2 gals e...Read more

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