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Had to rush off right after my scenes to attend my baby nephew's first mth celebration. Thankful for the opportunity to be in the shoot. T'was great to see y'all, old friends & new. Audrey Luo Ming Siu Goh Scott C. Hillyard

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a few days ago i saw on my fb feed someone shared something similar to this, only it was written by a local teen. there's hope yet for the younger generation :)

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Sat in a Land Rover for a good cause today. #makeawishfoundationsingapore #landroverownerssingapore

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15 yrs ago....

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WHAT IF i had a really bad day at the office and ranted on FB that i feel like shoving a freshly sharpened 2B pencil so far up my asshole of a colleague's nostril that it punctures her eyeball from the inside out? would i then be charged for inciting violence against women at the workplace? are singaporeans so easily incitable?

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went out for a haircut, within my hdb estate, came home rinsed and dried my hair, all done within 30min, and i feel exhausted...

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the things we pay FOR have to keep pace with inflation but what about the thing we pay WITH?

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so i hadn't been feeling well since middle of last week, nothing really serious, just generally tired, dry throat & kinda light-headed, but i did skip an audition on saturday and i didn't have any beer over the weekend, which says alot. meanwhile, my bike's battery had been losing its charge due to prolonged infrequent riding. i've had to push start it several times these past 2 mths, but once it gets running, it'd charge the battery itself. so yesterday, just before 11am on a sunny day, i decided to go get a new battery for my bike. i hadn'...Read more

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Heat exhaustion is no joke. Thankfully I met a fellow biker who not only lent a much needed helping hand, but also went out of his way to buy a 1.5L bottle of isotonic drink for me.

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I\'m just a working actor doing what I love and loving what I do. ............................ Q: Will my time ever come? A: Yes...I have to believe it w

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