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"Under no circumstances should you do to other people what you'd like them to do to you 'cos they may not like it" - George Bernard Shaw....... "... if you make yourself the benchmark, then that's a very distorting view. you have to recognise and honour the differences...always remembering that each of us has the responsibility not to harm others and not to limit other people in their endeavour to do that..." - AC Grayling

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researching a potential role....

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"...the future doesn't exist. we create it, moment by moment. and the only resource that we have, for trying to work out the best course into that future, is by looking at our past experience..." - AC Grayling

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let's cultivate an environment where ideas can be freely voiced and critiqued accordingly. to do that, we must first recognise that an idea should stand on its own merit, regardless who holds it, and that even "smart" ppl can sometimes have "stupid" ideas.

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Just saw this kid around 4yr-old stick a bottle in his mouth, right after dropping it on the mrt flr. The adult w him, I can't tell if she's the mum, aunt or grandma, is oblivious.

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And this....

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They say, "the clothes maketh the man". I say, "don't miss the man for the clothes". ;)

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i ride a motorbike. i dun take mrt all that often but i sure am glad the defects were detected and steps are taken to have them rectified, covertly or otherwise. lesson learnt: compromising quality for cheaper initial price tag ended up costing more in maintenance, operational disruption, & future developmental progress, plus potentially endangers passengers & crew....but surely they knew the risks, so why then? to please the shareholders, maybe? who r these shareholders, bigwig fatcats who dun even take the mrt? why even "privatise" public transpor...Read more

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Just realised they emailed a guy's audition script for my girl's audition tmr ...Just wing it! :P

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I\'m just a working actor doing what I love and loving what I do. ............................ Q: Will my time ever come? A: Yes...I have to believe it w

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