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contort ,not

decisions , decisions ,decisions .

so here i sit , contract in hand . wondering what new loops of fire i need to jump through in the circus of life .

should i attempt the next yogini pretzel conformist ,contortionist acclaim or take that blind leap of faith into the deep beyond ? work wise... i'm stuck in a rut .to play the safe route versus being the vigilant voyager.  my pen's not willing to budge . the only thing that's fluid is the memory of mr enigma doctor dear , whom in my mind ... is like fresh ink still dryin...Read more

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wings of steel

so they leave . on wings of steel and a plastic meal

buckled safely . emotions defying gravity

mileage rolling high , head swung ,low in sigh

a few songs play on loop in my mind as the clock slowly creeps its way into the dawn where a hint of citrus orange tries to spill light into the grey  .

songs: leaving on a jetplan...Read more

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howie day

“friends applaud the comedy is over “ -last words of beethoven .

and with that, the good times come to an end . woke up, still hung over from the green bottle . head feeling like the revolution of the jackhammers is taking place,as they stage a coup against my mental faculties . flee them all.

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sleepless in shanghai

the insomniac in me has reared its ugly head .

i have a huge sleep debt waiting to bankrupt me ...

mr sandman hasn't cooed my weary head and lulled it into deep dreamy slumber where film noir would waltz me away into billowy cloudy comfort.

truth is : i have a stalker

and i do hope if its you out there who's calling me incessantly ,

please stop .

the police is fast on your case .

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derek and wing , fiddlers on the roof , vengeance captured proof

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take a seat , observe life's quirky beat


Creative for 300 x 250 format

bolted seats -the illusion of permanence

jolted beats-the reality of remembrancetaken in thailand somewhere , sometime ...my comp has decided to rage a war against me . i covet the macbook air!!!!! busy busy busy this week . will be back for more dange...Read more

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: Friday, Mar 14..... if sight were so clear...

paris ..... subway....sometime ... if sight were so clear ...relationships always seem to be a hazy blur , rapt in absolute bliss...then the roller credits come on and hindsight gives you the best picture of what things really were ...

one of my favourite writers , virgina woolf , my fav paragraph in "the waves"---

"so i revisit my past life , scene b...Read more

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Blog: Friday, Mar 14

greetings and salutaions .

so i succumbed ...

being the last standing dinosaur on earth ,techie stuff has always been my foe.

ah .. what do i write , share , explore in a very open diary ...

haha ..guess i'm in for a surprise myself .

let the learning of miss xie begin!

"learning is rebelling ,every bit of new truth discovered is revolutionary to what was learnt before "


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