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Well To Start Off..Im A Hong Kong Borned Filipino...But Im Not Mixed LOL!!..Im Currently The Drummer For "Audiotraffic".(Love U Guys!! Lets Get This Show On The Road Shall We?)...

Started Playing Drums When I was 16..and That Went On From There..since I could not handle my day time job as an executive butler in a hotel, because of having obsessed with Music and drums,i quit my job and went on as a musician playing in well known bars as my career

Music Is My Life!!Drums! Drums! Drums!Is My Passion!!..Im Just A simple guy who likes to express Himself On The Drums and Bring The The Best Out Of IT THat Goes With The Flow But Doesnt Let The Wave Drag Him...

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Languages Spoken English,Cantonese
Location Hong Kong
Gender Male
English Name Ferdie Ramos
Member Since May 15, 2007
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Hong Kong
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May 15, 2007