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Audiotraffic @ Live house @ Club Cixi

   ok u all must be wonderin why d hell i took this long to write a blog since i was in Singapore...well i have been very busy with my other gigs,,,anyway, im finally here and cant wait for the cd release of Audiotraffic and to go further...its really been a pleasure and lots of fun playin with these guys...thanx guys huhuhhuh(ooops!!! getting Emo here!!)

   ok ok ok lets get to the subject shall we!!?....We had so much fun playin that gig although its such a new experience for me for example like the director givin us directions after playing 2 songs for his editing purposes...he even asked Hardpack to do another take so meaning hardpack played the songs twice....ok Helter skelter started the show..to get the crowd in the mood..they played blues which was nice!! next  was the duo DP...man i tell you these guys are so original...i mean bass and drums only ...wow !!nice!!!. After that was mama Josie Ho...as usual she ROCKS!!!...Then came HARDPACK !! they really rocked out the crowd..as always..until the director asked them to play again....dunno why?...but still was great kinda funny it felt like deja vu !!

Then Ryan Hui Rocked the stage wit a couple of his songs including the cover of Green Day's "when i come around"....nicely done!!!

then came yours truly Audiotraffic...the highlight of that show was when this MC asked Adrian Few questions and when she asked wat excites Adrian when he create song for audiotraffic?..then Adrian answered in a flirty kinda way saying "well talking to you excites me"...from that moment on i was shocked thinkin its a tv show and all....but to me it was CLASSIC!!!...so anyway we played a 45 min set which also includes a new song called "Firing Line" (wow cant wait for it to be released on the 2nd album), and we also played a cover of police's classsic message in a bottle Audiotraffic style...

ok all in all the show went well !! i just cant wait for the cd release on mar 8 ...it should be fun...ok til my next blog in 3months?....nah just kidding...hahah...cya ROCK ON!!! Guys and  Gals

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Me photo shoot phey
The Classic Question:Wat excites you most when creating songs for audiotraffic?..talkin to you excites me ...
over 11 years ago
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yeah that was funny... great job, can't wait for the 8th!
over 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
good seeing you last night! see you on saturday! =)
over 11 years ago
Stephen 93 stephen
Yes... let's see if that line makes it into the final edit... I believe the hostess turned about five shades of red... We can nickname Aids "Sexual Harassment Panda" for the next show haha... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_Harassment_Panda
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