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I was born in La Rochelle France. I began my training in Ju Jitsu and Viet Vo Dao. After watching my first Jackie Chan movie I decided I wanted to be a martial arts actor. Saving my money I bought a plane ticket as soon as possible and journeyed to the Shaolin Monastery. I trained for one year in the accrobatic style of Wushu which I found suited me perfectly and was ideal for movie fighting. After hearing that the technical skill of the practionars in Beijing was higher left Shaolin to take my degree in Wushu at the Beijing Sport University where I graduated and received a Wushu athlete level 2 grade status issued by the Chinese Wushu Association. In 2004, I directed and played in the famous martial arts/action short film Duel which was nominated for Best Action Sequence Martial Arts at the 2007 Action On Film International Festival. I was also nominated for Breakout Action Star and won Male Action Performer of the Year for my performance in both my short film Duel and Fantasy Story which was nominated for Best Score, Best Fight Choreography and Best Action Short of the Year. I'm currently working for Z Team and training wushu with Beijing national team .

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Languages Spoken english, mandarin, french
Location Beijing, China
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Languages Spoken
english, mandarin, french
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Beijing, China
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January 31, 2008