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Fantastic Four

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The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)


| Entry | I think this one is probably better than the first FF film.. I did enjoy that one, but I understand a lot of people's criticisms of it. This one has a much less complicated plot, which is probably a good t...Read more

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Two more from Junko...

Two more random things I got in my email box...

A Dutch insurance commercial.  Quite long and involved for a CM:

Funny Dutch CommercialThis one is a personal favorite of mine that I have recommended to a lot of friends who were considering getting tattoos.  It's from SNL from a few years back:Tattoo Remover

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Pics from yesterday...

I had to buy some computer stuff before my trip to Japan (a wireless router and PCMCIA wireless adapter),  so I went down to Wanchai after work yesterday.  J.to also organized a last minute birthday outing for hot pot in TST too...  

And of course I took pictures:

Its the inflatable Fat Angelo guy!  I think I need to add this one to my <...Read more

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Ice Cucumber Pepsi

I was going to upload some pictures I took downtown tonight, but one thing led to another and its time for bed...

so instead i'll do a quick blog about something my friend sent me:

Introducing a new product from Pepsi Japan:

Yes, this is a real producthttp://www.suntory.co.jp/news/2007/9803.html

It was ju...Read more

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Saikung 07 - chapter 2

As I mentioned last week in my blog about my boat trip to Saikung w/ my lab group that I was going to be going again in a week.  this time it was a quasi-birthday party for myself and j.to (or at least that was the excuse we used to motivate people to come).   

I was worried when the weather turned to crap this last week.  Every day since tuesday had been rain and thunder storms (in addition to the normal super high humidity).  But luckily there were some patches of sun...Read more

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Camera Dilemma...

As I may have mentioned in a few of my recent blogs,  my trusted Casio EX-Z500,  which I've had for almost two years is starting to crap out on me.  It seems like I just bought it,  but that was actually August 05:

(when it was new, way back in the day)

It was fine at last week's fashion show, but the next day at the boat trip it started acting up.  I think the light sensor or something ...Read more

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Peking Duck in TST

Tuesday night I went down to the AnD office to meet up with the rest of the guys,  SBD invited us all out to dinner.  We taxied it over to TST, to the Spring Deer Restaurant:

Which was packed.  It was a really old school restaurant too,  looks like it hadn't been renovated in any way since the late 60s.

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Review: Single Blog

I went to see the late showing of 'Single Blog' at the MOS theater.  This morning i noticed that its on its way out tomorrow (cause of Ocean's 13), so tonight would probably be my last chance to see it:

its clear that its one of those lower budget HK romantic comedy / relationship type movies that seem to be popular these days (the only thing coming out besides big name production...Read more

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The pain of Youtube...

The problem/joy of youtube is that things can be immortilized on the internet for all to see for ever and ever whenever they want, as often as they want...

case in point,  the guy who got the first question wrong on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire:

there are other ones who made stupid mistakes on easy questions, but not many who blew the very first question (wait, here's another one).

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Busted! Kam Sheung Rd to Yuen Long to... the middle of the nowhere.

You'll recall last week I rode my bike from Sheung Shui KCR East Station across the breadth of the New Territories to Kam Sheung Rd KCR West Station, in my most recent bicycling adventure.

On Saturday I went back to get my bicycle.  As I mentioned in that last blog,  I wanted to try this route back along Fan Kam Rd.  Wisely I decided to ride a bus alon...Read more

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