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Dances with Dragons - 與龍共舞

Last night around 2:30 am I was flipping through the channels and came across this classic 1991 HK movie showing on Mei Ah's movie channel:

Its ' Dance with the Dragon' ( 與龍共舞 ),  a Wong Jing produced early 90s comedy w/ Andy Lau (  劉德華 ), Cheung Man ( 張敏 ) and ...Read more

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Iwakuni Castle and the Kintai Bridge - 岩国城と錦帯橋

ok, the third and final castle from my trip!  On Sunday I went down to the nearby town of Iwakuni ( 岩国 ), about 40 mintues away from Hiroshima ( google map).  Iwakuni is actually in Yamaguchi Prefecture,  and its most known for the fact that there is a US Marine base there... when I was living in Fukuoka we would get a lot of these guys coming down on the...Read more

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Holy Carp!

dude, take a look at this video:

Flying Fish

damn,  thats insane.  remind me not to go boating in Illinois.

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Marugame Castle - 丸亀城

note:click on the photo to enlarge

Next up on Etchy's Castle Tour - the small city of Marugame, Kagawa ( 丸亀市 -google map). 

Read more

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Fukuyama Castle - 福山城

As you may be able to tell from my photo albums, amongst other things, I am a fan of visiting Japanese Castles.  I've visited almost 20 of them so far, mostly while I was living in Japan.  Since I've moved to HK, I make sure to plan a visit or two during every trip back to Japan I take (every few months or so).

And coincidently, I happened to have gone back to Japan last weekend (and fallen behind on my blogging!)

Here's the first castle I visited during...Read more

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Yamato Addendum

As a follow-up to my entry from yesterday,  I have a few more photos to share about my trip to Kure's Yamato Museum.

Souvenirs are a big business in Japan.  Bringing omiyage (souvenir snacks) to friends and when you return from a trip or to a host when you are visiting is a big part of Japanese culture.  Its not just snacks of course,  there's toys, refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, etc. Therefore any tourist destination or travel related location (airport, train station, etc) usually has a section set up for selling these local...Read more

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Yamato Museum in Kure, Japan

On Saturday after I bought my camera I headed down to the port town of Kure, about 25 minutes south of Hiroshima ( google map).  Most of you probably haven't heard of Kure,  its main (only?) notable claim to fame is that it is one of the main naval bases of the Japanese Navy (since the reope...Read more

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In Japan - cameras and ice cucumber pepsi...

I played a little Russian Roulette yesterday... yes I flew China Airlines!


昨日香港から日本までChina Airlinesで行った。

They had a really good fare (less than US$400)  to Japan  for this weekend (which is a four day weekend if I take off monday),  so I couldn't resist.


        The view from the air...Read more

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Etchy's Triumphant Bay Area Return

For those of you who are in the SF Bay area,  I probably already told you I'm going to be back there around the 4th of July week (actually 6/28th to 7/5th!)

I'm interested in seeing some baseball,  anyone who's interested, please let me know.  There's Giants games on Saturday or Sunday (6/30, 7/1) or A's games on Monday and Tuesday Night (7/2,3)  OR Fourth of July afternoon. (truly a patriotic endeavor!)

Who's interested?  Let me know ASAP, I want to order online in the next few d...Read more

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Aggravating Day

writing this on the bus on my way back home from CWB.  I just went to see 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer' to cap off a somewhat hectic and stressful day (see this entry for review of the film).

I finally rode my bike home from work this evening... As it has every day these last few weeks, it rained earlier in the day but it was drying out so I thought I could make it home w/o worrying about rain... I was quite wrong, not only did it decide to rain,  but it ...Read more

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