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So as many of you probably heard,  the much hyped 'iPhone' went on sale on Friday in the US.  There were news reports of people standing in line for several days to get their hands on it first...  especially around here in the Bay Area, where Apple Die Hard nuts are the hardest...

Well turns out my friend Wilson C(who is more of a mobile gadget / general tech nut than an Apple-specific nut) was able to get one on 'opening day'...  How?  well he just drove by the apple store at around 5pm, realized there was almost no line and g...Read more

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Die Hard 4.0


FRESH: 7/10  7/10


Live Free or Die Hard (2007)


| Entry | I went to see 'Live Free or Die Hard' (aka 'Die Hard 4.0') tonight at 1000 Van Ness.

I have been a big fan of the previous movies, I've seen all of them in the theater actually... so I wanted to see i...Read more

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Back in the US part 2

ok,if the one about the korean love hotel will count as part 1, this should be part 2...



As I mentioned, I flew in to SFO and took the BART to Berkeley:

Maybe its just me... I've been riding a lot of sparkling clean Japanese and HK trains for the past few years,  but the inside...Read more

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One more Japan blog: Carp's Game

OK, so its been a busy last week or so, but I finally finished my last blog from my Hiroshima trip from last (last,last?) week...   it took so long because of the video!

The last night in Hiroshima (after the okonomiyaki),  I went with Y0-chan to a pro baseball game at Hiroshima Stadium,  which is right next to the infamous 'Atomic Bomb Dome' ( wikipedia) in downtown...Read more

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SF and the Korean Love Hotels along the way...

I'm a very tired boy!  I'm in SF at casa de Yeh...  its been a long two days.  I'll blog more about the rest of my trip tomorrow,  but here's the first part of the trip - Korea!  (i typed it up on the plane on my way across the pacific):



On my way from HK to the US I had a red eye flight out of HK and then a 12 hour stop over in Incheon airport.  I arrived around 4:45 am and my flight to SF left...Read more

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Ghost Rider


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Ghost Rider (2007)


| Entry |

What a strange choice for a film adaption of a comic!

<...Read more
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So busy!

I've been running around the last few days because I'm about to finally go back to the US and I've got a lot of stuff to finish up before I leave (lots of stuff i was preparing for and a lot of random stuff that was off my radar... like filing my HK taxes yesterday when I suddenly discovered they were (over) due!) :-D

I'm flying to Seoul tonight after midnight.  have a 12 hour (4am to 4pm) layover there.  I'd like to do more than just sit at the airport, so I printed out a few pages from wikitravel for Read more

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More Hiroshima...

OK, i'm a little disappointed most of you guys talk more about the 1 picture of food i have in my last few blog entries than you do about the castle or parks or statues! :-P

but you gotta go with what sells, so here's one that should give you guys more of what you're interested in....

On Monday night after Iwakuni I managed to go to 'Book OFF',  which is a chain of used book stores in Japan.  They also sell used CDs, games, DVDs, some do computer hardware, this one even had used clothes i think...

<...Read more
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Its easier when its not aimed at you...

Video: Catching an Arrow in Mid-air

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Mr. Cinema - 老港正傳

I just got back from the MOS theater.  I caught the one and only showing per day of 'Mr. Cinema' ( 老港正傳 ), starring Anthony Wong, Teresa Mo, Ronald Cheng, Karen Mok and.... special appearance by Mr. Andrew Lin! (an unexpected surprise. this is the second movie I've seen that he's made a surprise appearence in the last three weeks!)

Read more

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