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Asian Film Review: Saekjeuk shigong (Sex Is Zero) (2002)

    I just finished watching 

'Sex is Zero' ( click here for the trailer) a korean comedy that I got on DVD that is very hard to describe... other than to say its very H...

    Its sort of one part 

, one part

and one part Aerobics movie. Apparently it was one of the top grossing movies in 2002 in Korea. (btw, I have no idea what the heck the cover picture has to do with the movie).

Basically its about this group of girls who are a competitive aerobics team and a group of extremely horny loser guys who do some weird taekwondo qigong in the same room. One hapless uber-loser guy, perhaps the biggest hopeless guy in the history of movies, gets a crush on the hot one and basically discovers every possible way to horribly embarass himself in front of her. There is a lot of American Pie type humor (gross-out to perverted and back in like 5 seconds).
(which I didn't used to... but perhaps I can't help myself now).

The story has a lot of cliches, lots of tasteless humor, a good bit of nudity too (obviously, as it is a sex comedy). But the weird thing is that they cram in some life-and-death drama in an otherwise completely unserious movie (imagine if Jim had to rush a dying Nadia to the hospital in the middle of ... would seem kind of out of place, wouldn't it?) Also I agree w/ the review linked to above, the female characters, especially the supporting ones, are a bit 1-dimensional, they're just there for the a few jokes or objects of male obsession (for jokes)... Actually the male characters, except for the main guy are pretty one-dimensional too... CLICK HERE FOR SOME GREAT PICS.

But its yet another Korean movie I've liked... I think I can now safely make this assessment: I like Korean comedies, I don't like many Korean dramas or action movies (except JSA).

    I'd give it a 8/10,  but thats cause I'm etchy!

If only wushu class was like this...

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