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Harajuku Pics #1

On Sunday I went with KXD down to Harajuku, the world famous section of Tokyo where the Japanese youth gather to present their unique fashion. Here are the first half of my pictures from the trip.

We walked around and took some photos with the different groups:

In addition to the 'average' visual kei types in the black or pink lacy outfits, you get some interesting types like these two... who are giving the three finger salute

Or these two... not sure what to call this genre of outfit... going for the syrupy sweet japanese cat vibe.

I should note that they look a LOT cuter in this picture than I remember them looking in person. You know why? Cause in the web resolution of this picture, you can't see their faces as clearly as I could in person. Take a look at this close-up and see if you want to kiss that face?

(hmm... tough call). :-P

From the pedestrian bridge, you can get a feeling for the photography feeding frenzy that was going on this day. There was a TV crew doing a remote taping, tons of professional photographers with big fancy cameras (or maybe 'pro-sumers' at least), and tons of just regular tourists, from every country in the world.

Although I didn't take their picture, there were three guys holding up big Japanese flags while some guy rambled into a bull horn, we weren't sure what they were saying, but once we saw the mysterious right wing black van, we figured it out. They were probably saying

Then we walked down the street to check out the rest of Harajuku. At the other end of the neighboorhood we ran into another group of strangely dressed kids:

As KXD put it (he referred to them as - chinese ghosts) - The focus here is just an extremely eclectic combination of really bright colorful outfits. A fashion valetudo if you will...

Here are another two. Everyone here was generally very nice about taking pictures with tourists.

When we came back from lunch this group of new gui were doing a group photo. Each one had brought their own camera and wanted a group picture. A few of the professional camera type guys were there too.

As you can see, a few guys in there too.

Here's a video clip

Maybe the weirdest of all?

Ouch! I gotta get me some of those shoes.

this is just part 1, there are some more coming. :-P

( click here for pt 2!)

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