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Asian Film Review: "Detective K" (조선명탐정: 각시투구꽃의 비밀, 2010)

Korean action-comedy-detective film set in the Joseon period.  The King appoints a secret investigation of embezzlement within the government.  The detective, played by Kim Myeong-min (김명민) is half Sherlock Holmes and half Inspector Clouseau....   As you can imagine,  the further he investigates the more people try to stop him uncovering the truth.

Actually the title character in this film has a lot in common with the character played by Takeshi Kaneshiro in 2011's " Wu Xia".... a period piece about a government official using amazing powers of deduction to investigate a mysterious crime.  

In the case of 'Detective K',  a good premise and good performances unfortunately are hampered by an overly long and convoluted story line and not enough humor... after about 90 minutes I was nodding off.   Han Ji-min (한지민)'s female supporting character helps a bit, but she doesn't get enough screen time to keep this one from getting a 5/10. 

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