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2009 HKIFF - Tsui Hark Film Workshop 25th Anniversary Event

So busy! so tired! i really need to go to bed.  But before I do, here's some pictures from TONIGHT's event (i'm going to skip monday and tuesday and cut to WEDNESDAY night!)  It was a special party to mark the 25th Anniversary of Director Tsui Hark's 'Film Workshop' Company, which spurned some of the most famous HK movies of the 80s and 90s.

The event was held at the ballroom at the W-Hotel.  It wasn't that crowded when I arrived at 10:30, but it filled up pretty quickly.

The event featured a LOT of famous old school directors and producers.  I didn't recognize a lot of the people...

Except for Willie of course!

They brought a few VIPs up to speak about Tsui Hark and his wife Nansun and the projects they worked on together.  Unfortunately it was almost entirely in Cantonese,  so I couldn't really understand much... and they REALLY kept going and going... :-P

The world famous Bridgette Lin.  She doesn't come to these types of things often apparently! :-o

the big man of  himself,  John Woo:

Tsui Hark and joined him on stage.  I heard they had a lot of fights on projects when they were working together,  but apparently they're buddies now. ;-)

Champagne toast!

After the stuff on stage was over a lot of the guests stuck around and chatted and posed for pics (it seems like they don't meet up face to face that often anymore)

Donnie Yen and his wife and sister in law posing for a picture with Tsui Hark's wife.

Last but not least:

Ophelia went up to John Woo to tell him how many times she's watched 'Hardboiled' (he didn't run away, so I guess he is used to it!)

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omg that was amazing.... johnnie to, john woo, tsui hark, bridget lin all togther... that's like... 70% of what made Hong Kong cinema bad ass in the 80s.. all they're missing is Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung... i should went there instead of coldplay
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